Japan’s New Plus Size Magazine!

Hey guys!

I decided to postpone my fashion post this Sunday (japan time) to talk about something trending right now around the Internet courtesy of buzzfeed!

It’s in the title but just to say it again, Japan has finally taken a step in the right direction in my opinion and released its first plus size magazine! I have just finished my 2nd year here in Japan and had no idea that this magazine was published 1 year ago!!!!!!!!!!! I am always creeping the fashion magazines at the 7/11’s here and haven’t come across the plus size magazine yet but, not I will keep my eyes open for it!

The magazine “la Farfa” is breaking with tradition here in Japan and is now making headlines around the world! Maybe to people in Canada and America, it is not so different but over here in Japan, it is major!

In Japan the first thing I noticed upon arrival was that calories are literally listed everywhere you go… Unless it is a restaurant that is viewed as a “manly” restaurant, the calories won’t be listed. I have even been to restaurants in Japan that have special female menus that are smaller portioned and fewer calories. I also felt like every time there was an informertial on tv it was about weight loss something blah blah. You can even buy special sleep wear to wrap your body into so help you lose weight etc. Needless to say, the pressure to be thin here in Japan is high.

Bigger women here have a lot of pressure and judging eyes upon them here. Because I am a foreigner I feel like I have a slight pass due to perception of us being “fat” is normal… But I still get called fat by my students.

Sorry about that ramble… I could literally go on for days but, I am just trying to keep it short and sweet and make some kind of point. Maybe the pressure over here to be thin can only really be felt if you’re actively living here.

Anyways I am just so happy to wake up this morning and see on vuzzfeed this article ( http://www.buzzfeed.com/cathyngo/japans-first-plus-sized-fashion-magazine-is-breaking-traditi?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpj6#4ldqpj6  ) trending on Facebook! It’s never too late to take a step in the right direction and that is exactly what japan is doing. This magazine is trying to promote plus size bodies in Japan instead of fat-shaming like they do in other magazines.

Even better news, this magazine recently just celebrated their one year anniversary ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
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Pretty Vamped: dark lipstick for thin lips


The internet`s advice for people with thin lips is always along the same lines of “don`t wear this because it makes your lips look smaller” blah blah blah insert advice of shimmer tones for fuller lips here.

Yes, I suppose people with thin lips tend to look not as youthful as people with fuller lips, and yes it is more difficult for others to apply lipstick on us, BUT we can to use our product for longer. Less surface area to cover! Some places in Asia embrace the idea of thin lips and society accepts it as beautiful just like full lips are other places.

Truth be told, I am tired of hearing everyone wants fuller lips… why not just embrace yourself and what you have and make it work. Regardless of what others may suggest to me, this is how I choose to behave and I never turn a blind eye away from a lip colour just because my lips are small.

A beautiful colour that is on trend these past couple of autumn/winter seasons are a dark berry, purple-black lip. Thankfully, it is falling over into spring/summer. Rejoice! How to apply a darker lip? Invest in a lip liner and fill in your lips followed by a topcoat, your lipstick. BUT, if you don’t have a lip liner, don’t fret! Line your lips with the pointy part of your lipstick to act as a guideline for your lipstick when applying.

My favorite dark lip colour right now is “smoked purple” by MAC. It is a one of their matte lipsticks. Have you ever tried a matte lipstick? They can be a little difficult to apply but worth it in the long run. They are long lasting and personally, I prefer my darker colours in a matte. Why? I find they bleed less onto my skin. Just be careful when applying a matte lipstick because it can be hard to fix a mistake. Another tip, when applying is stretch your mouth open so all the creases and wrinkles in your lips will be filled by the product. Matte lipsticks can become a little flaky after a while so use a clean toothbrush to gently remove any excess flakes that appear.

If you`re going to venture over into the realm of vampy, dark, and daring remember, keep it neutral on the rest of the face. It is a great way to start. The more daring and comfortable you feel, the more you can up your game or play with other makeup looks on the eyes. Confidence is key so, you better werk b*tch!


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