Spring Lookbook Video

hey lovelies ~ I know for some people spring has already come and gone and summer is fast approaching but, I still wanted to make a “better late than never” spring Lookbook on my OSHAREGIRL YouTube channel to share some of the outfits I was wearing on my weekends off here in Japan!  I have […]

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New Camera | New Video

Hey my oshare オシャレ (fashionable) followers!! Recently I bought a new camera since my old one broke down and I am extremely happy with my new purchase! Of course with anything new, it’s exciting but what is even more exciting for me is…. I CAN SEE WHAT I AM FILMING!!  Great, right!?  With my old […]

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How to: Boyfriend Jeans

The whole concept behind a boyfriend jean is that you “stole” your boyfriend’s pants because yours were all dirty. Maybe at one point in time, this actually happened and this was how the loose fitting jean found its name: “boyfriend jean”. In actuality, I have no idea. All that matters to me is: 1.) I […]

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