What Would You Wear | Summer Edition

Hello my lovely online world ♡

久しぶりね! (long time no see)

Today, i wanted to make a quick blog post since i am now on SUMMER VACATION and i have loads of free time and no excuses so procrastinate with things like IM BUSY blah blah..

Recently i have been uploading on my youtube channel ( osharegirl ) weekly every Thursday and Sunday about fashion OOTD, Life in Japan, Personal Opinion videos, and coming soon VLOGS. One of the more recent videos i really had fun with editing was my lookbook video “What would you wear | Summer edition” where i took 4 summer-ish types of outfits and asked my viewers which would you wear. I loved hearing back from people about which outfit is for them and why. Please feel free to click the photo below to be directly linked to that video and leave a comment, subscribe, like, whichever you feel comfortable with.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.24.40 PM

All outfit details are located in the description box below the video just incase you’re curious.

outfit one: i really love wearing this t-shirt dress because it is airy and spacious and GREAT for the hot and humid summers here in Japan. Everything i am wearing in this outfit is from my FOREVER 21 haul videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCx8Ow1BSoM )

outfit two: this is my personal favourite because i love an all which chic look, this is also seen in the photo above. I feel it is probably the most fashion forward of the 4 with the culotte pants and high neck sleeveless shirt. But, even its my favourite i think this outfit was the least popular among the youtube comments. What do you think?

outfit three: keeping it simple and clean (minus the distressed denim) with this ensemble. Love myself a good pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with a clean flirty heeled sandal.

outfit four: i wanted to do something that was slightly military-esque with the olive green cargo-ish pants and the white button-down sleeveless shirt while keeping it girly with the heeled sandals.

Let me know what you guys thought on here or on youtube and thank you in advance for the support !!!

Ta-ta for now,



Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat:  osharegirl


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