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Culottes were easily the must have pants for the spring and can easily be worked into your summer fashion picks as well. These wide leg short trousers are usually made with a pretty light and whimsical material that flows in the wind and allows your legs to breathe as the temperature gets higher and higher. Culottes are also available in a denim look that gives a super chic 70`s vibe as well as, a leather look that gives you a high fashion feel. I suppose which material you decide to rock depends on where you are located around the globe.

Here in Japan, the summers are extremely hot and humid where I would personally maybe shy away from a denim culottes unless they are super thin and light weight or else I might just melt away. I have been seeing the culottes style almost everywhere in and around Tokyo and Yokohama on my daily trips here and there and I have to say, Japanese women know how to ROCK a pair of culotte pants!!!!!!

When I walk around some of the department stores, there is almost at least one pair of culottes available within every shop. I personally didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on them because I am on an English teacher salary and simply cannot afford the life of luxury others can so, I opted for the GU (Japanese clothing company) brand of culottes at about 1200円 each (About 12ish $$$). I loved them so much that I picked them up in three colours: military green, black, and off white with a black pin stripe.

I love that these GU culottes can be worn higher than your average waist hugging pants so I can comfortably wear a crop top and not have to worry about my belly poking out. Also, I think the little bit of skin showing between your pants and crop top is sexy and flattering since the culottes are fairly wide and flowy.

Recently I made a YouTube video on some of the many ways I wear my own culottes for the summer up on my channel (osharegirl). I also have been getting into the trend of tying up my shirts because I am trying to not spend money on new crop tops and use what I already had available. If tying your shirt and showing your stomach isn’t for you, you can easily tuck in your shirt and add a waist belt for definition. Click on the photo to be directly linked to my quick YouTube video on that.

I have yet to come across a faux leather pair of culottes so I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for that. Not really sure if could be an early mid-summer piece but for sure a great fall piece to invest in.

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