New Camera | New Video

Hey my oshare オシャレ (fashionable) followers!! Recently I bought a new camera since my old one broke down and I am extremely happy with my new purchase!

Of course with anything new, it’s exciting but what is even more exciting for me is…. I CAN SEE WHAT I AM FILMING!!  Great, right!? 

With my old Sony camera I would film, hope that I was in frame and in focus, stop, and watch the video, then re-film if I didn’t like it. Alone it took my forever to make one quick video….. Now with my new camera, I can see what I am doing as well as, the picture quality and resolution I am really happy with!

I was so excited I decided to film a video styling one of my favourite pieces of clothing this season, something I already blogged about, the Shirtdress !! 

I made a quick lookbook of different ways I wear my Shirtdresses of different patterns, styles, and fabrics ! Click the video still from the photo to go on over to my YouTube channel and watching the less than 2 minute fashion video about it!! Fashion and music, what could be better? 

Or if you want to search YouTube the old fashioned way, just search osharegirl and my channel should pop up.

I am still trying to get the hang of YouTube… It can be so difficult with this keyword stuff and tags… Trying to get people to watch your video etc.. I don’t really understand it actually. I just get happy knowing that some people took the time to watch something I made since I am using it as a creative outlet from my boring job here in japan.

Until next time lovelies 💚💛💚 

Ta-Ta for now




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