Life in Japan: family vacation part 2

Hey everyone, just a quick post today about my family’s vacation here in Japan.

On our second day we went to Mount Fuji. I have my Japanese drivers license so we are able to rent a car (international drivers license work too!). I forgot how much I missed driving after living in Yokohama for a year, which means a year of walking absolutely everywhere.

Sometimes when people travel to Japan, they are so hyped up to see Mount Fuji but they don’t always get to see it actually. Actually seeing the mountain can be tricky. It all depends on the weather and cloud coverage that day. Fortunately for us, we were able to see it and have beautiful weather to boot! Woot~

On my YouTube channel I made a quick video about our day driving around Mount Fuji and driving up to the 4th station. To view that video, just click HERE !!

On another day we went to shibuya in Tokyo and did some amazing shopping.  For anyone that LOVES to shop like I do, shibuya is one of the best places to go too.

After we were finished shopping, we headed over to Tokyo Sky Tree which is or used to be the tallest building in the world. I had to literally bend backwards just too see it all from the bottom. It’s huge. I also made a quick video about that day, to view it, just click this link my lovelies ! ❤️💋

Stay tuned for more family vacation videos to come! If you’re on youtube and  like what you see, please subscribe like or comment @ ” Osharegirl ” 💋

Ta-Ta for now,




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