Life in Japan: My Special Visitors

Hello everyone,

I feel like it has been a while since I have written anything!!! Well, I guess it has been almost two weeks since my last Wednesday post. I was MIA for a bit but, now I am back and I have to say, I missed being creative and interacting with everyone through the web.

Why was I MIA? Well, it definitely wasn’t because of losing interest, that’s for damn sure! I had a special visitor, well, two special visitors to be exact. My mother took the long 15 hour journey from her small city in British Columbia, Canada to visit me here in Japan! Her and I had this all planned out since right after I left my summer vacation in Canada in August. What I didn’t know about though was the sneaky surprise she and some others planned behind my back!

Who was the special surprise?????


MY BROTHER!!! Maybe to some of you, that might not be that special but for me, it was such an unexpected surprise to have both of my amazing family members with me here in Japan. Not everything was smooth sailing of course because my family didn’t really know what to expect while here in Japan. They are the pickiest eaters I have ever met in my life and trying to find food here for them in Japan was the most difficult. We ended up eating McDonald’s or Domino’s Pizza for 9 days. On their second last day we went to a restaurant, and I was so happy we decided to eat fast food those others days.

There is one thing about Japan that people visiting need to realize. You don’t change what comes on your plate. Yes sure, you can maybe ask for no tomato on your burger, or something extremely easy to do. But, we don’t really make steak or Japanese hamburgers well done and the chicken meat here is usually dark meat or mixed, not all white and you don’t really request an all-white chicken karrage or yakitori.

All that aside, the trip was pretty smooth and I think we all made some lasting memories and learned some valuable lessons along the way to make for an unforgettable trip. I know what to do now when someone with little knowledge about Japan comes to visit and I think they know what to expect more the next time they venture over to this side of the globe.

Another amazing thing I have to say is that my mother is so awesome, she brought one whole suitcase over from Canada filled with my favorite things. Deodorant, regular sized toothbrushes, underwear, peanut butter, candy, salt-n-vinegar potato chips, dill pickle potato chips, a mini George foreman, are just to name some that was in that magical suitcase.

While we were exploring parts of Yokohama 横浜 and Tokyo 東京, I managed to take some videos and spend my whole weekend editing. I managed to slop together about 6 videos. Four vidoes are of our vacation, the other two videos are a quick fashion video and a hair tutorial. There is still more footage of my family vacation to put together and hopefully I will find time to do that this weekend.

If your curious about some of the videos, click HERE to go to my first family vacation video. If you like what you saw, be sure to click subscribe to keep informed about more videos from me at OSHAREGIRL オシャレガール !! (In English = FASHIONABLE GIRL).

Ta-Ta for now,




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