Celebrity Style Steal: Kim Kardashian

Love her or hate her, we all have at least one thing we all envy about Kim K and we all have one thing we admire as well. Personally, I am a fan of Mrs. West. She and her husband have become a celebrity power couple in more ways than one. They seem to be at this point unstoppable and untouchable when it comes to their fashion choices. Not every outfit Mrs. West has appeared in has been to everyone’s likings but in my own opinion, I feel like I can at least appreciate some of her pieces.


One thing we all have to admit amongst our love and hate is that Kim K knows how to dress her body. She is awake of her curves and knows how to work them and what looks best. Her confidence in her body is something that I admire with the most because it is something I tend to struggle with sometimes. When I see a female celebrity that isn’t rail thin and has those anaconda buns, I instantly feel more drawn to following their fashion choices.

Kim Kardashian has always been in the public eye for her fashion choices whether it`s for a best or worst dressed. While some years have been better for her, I think the year 2014 has been amazing for her and it seems like the best is yet to come with 2015. Her waist synching, curve hugging, monochrome wearing, heel stomping, trench coat loving style is one that I love to look at for inspiration. This is why I choose to do my first celebrity style inspo about Kim Kardashian.


I have chosen one of her more iconic looks from 2014 that have appealed to me the most and have done my best to recreate one of the easiest looks. Keep in mind, I don’t have the body of Kimmy K but, I`ll do my best to work what I have because that’s the point right? To werk what your mama gave ya!!  


There you have it, love it or hate it my interpretation I have decided to recreate in honor of Kim Kardashian. I chose an outfit where she wore just one colour because that was something that she loved to do in 2014. One colour from head to toe! It is a great and chic way to remain timeless and relevant throughout the seasons. Some of her more iconic looks from the year consist of the all nude look, all blush look, and the all white look. If you were to wear one colour 11025980_10153107857299780_8526689696205628394_nfrom head to toe, which would you choose???


Until next time,

Ta- Ta



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