Bizarre Beauty 01: Circle Lens


Many places around the globe are so much into materialistic things and fast acting beauty methods that give results now. Japan is no different. Actually, I would personally say that Japan is one of the leading countries in this style of market. The world is filled with products regarding fashion, makeup, physical alterations, etc… And are many manufacturers, products, and marketing schemes to make us supply the ever demanding market. I myself am a person that loves to indulge in the market of materialism! Nothing wrong with that, no hate, no shade, just love! BUT, we should all be aware that there are good products, there are bad products, and there are the bizarre products.

Being a foreigner in another country, you really begin to see how the standard of beauty vastly changes from where you are in the world. For example, East Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, having pale skin is more desirable in females so the market pushes lotions and creams with a skin whitening agent in them. In places like Canada and the US, having tanner bronzed skin is more desirable which is why fake tanner, bronzing powder, and tanning beds are so popular. To both countries, these societal norms are accepted by the people living in those countries but to a foreigner living inside a differing country other than their own, it can seem really bizarre.

Thus, I am going to introduce into my Wednesday blog posts a new series called `Bizarre Beauty`. Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad… The posts are going to be about what beauty products I generally find different or strange in Japan since they are so different than what I have experienced in Canada. Some of these bizarre beauty products I even use myself upon moving to Japan.

So, now all of that had been introduced and said, let’s get down to business. The first product I am going to review and/or introduce is the ever so popular, Circle Lenses! What is Circle Lenses? Well, it is a type of coloured contact that is popular in Asia and gaining popularity in other countries. This coloured contact is actually used to change your eye colour, enhance your eye colour, or to make you appear to have bigger doe-like eyes.

19181_10153132959754780_8815581191264321787_n 11083655_10153132959814780_2305682899289729368_n

There are many pros and cons to wearing these types of contact. I myself have been wearing them on and off for about 6 or 7 years. I used to buy them online and have them shipped to me in Canada from but now that I live in Japan, I can just go down the street to a pharmacy and buy them. I recommend doing your own research before experimenting with these contacts and not just reading this and taking my word for it. It is always best to formulate your own opinions anyways.

These are some starting facts about circle lenses that I have gained over the years:

  1. Circle lens come in a strange bottle that I have never seen before. There is a special trick to opening them and be aware that the metal surrounding the rubber stopped is very sharp. It is easy to cut your finger. I speak from experience.
  2. Depending on what style, brand, and type you chose, the contacts will have an expiry date. I used to buy the 6 months but I always replaced them before the 6 months mark because I would find that the older they got, the easier my eyes were irritated.
  3. You can choose a diameter for the colour. I usually chose the 14mm diameter for the colour of the contact. There are smaller and bigger ones available but I usually found the 14mm to be big enough and ever sometimes too big for my eye.
  4. These contacts are heavier than regular contacts so they are not light weight. Sometimes when I would wear them along with heavy fake eyelashes, my eyes would feel so heavy at the end of the day.
  5. Because the colour area of the contact is bigger than your actual iris, it distorts your vision. This is why when you first receive a pair and are not used to wearing them, it is recommended to wear them for a short period of time and gradually build up the length of you have them on your eyes for. This type of contact shouldn’t be worm for more than 8 hours although I am guilty and have definitely worn them a lot longer than 8 hours.
  6. Cleaning circle lenses follow the same process as cleaning regular contact lenses. You can google search, Bing search, yahoo search, or YouTube: how to clean contacts.
  7. How to insert these contacts into your eyes are also the same as regular contacts. HOWEVER, there is something 11081232_10153132959889780_951195269529474819_nimportant you should know. They should be inside out. The less pigmented colour should be touching your eye. Another good way to tell if they are inside out or not is when the contact is on your finger before inserting, take a good look at it. If it looks like the rim of the contact is fanning out, then it is inside out. If you still cannot tell, I found that when the contact was inserted inside-out, it moved a lot around my eye and wouldn’t stay in place. Also, it was extremely uncomfortable.

Here in Japan, big doe-like eyes are considered a beauty norm. There are many products that people use here to give the illusion of having a different eye shape and colour here. I even see some of my junior high school students wearing these contacts around at school. Once you use them and become used to them, it is easy to tell when others are wearing them too.Personally, I like to wear these contacts from time to time as well because I like having the option of changing up my look or makeup style depending on which style I choose. I have dabbled in more daring and bold contacts when I first got into them years ago wearing purple, pink, and a white-ish blue pair but these days I generally stick to wearing a grey pair or a pair that just has a black ring around the iris.

Another thing to note is that these are made by Asian people and catered towards Asian people. These are meant to be worn by people with brown eyes. One of the tricks these contacts have is to make your eye appear larger. How? Because in the middle of the contact, they leave a space where your pupil but that spot is actually a little bigger than your pupil. If your eyes are brown, it will look like you have a dilated pupil which makes your eyes appear bigger and die-like. I have blue eyes so whenever I choose to wear brown, pink, purple, or green contacts, I could always see my blue colour around my pupil. That annoyed me. This is probably why I stuck towards wearing grey contacts because they match my natural colour more so that space between my pupil and the coloured contact was less obvious. Recently, I went to a local DONKIHOTE and picked out some new more natural style grey circle lenses. Here are some photos of what they look like on my blue eyes:

DSC01840 (2)
click the photo for youtube video link!!!

Have you ever heard of and/or tried of circle lenses? Have I left anything out that my readers would like to add? Feel free to comment below! This is just from my own personal experience with this product and what some people who are not familiar with Asian culture might find bizarre and unusual. That’s all for this first post of bizarre beauty.

Ta-ta for now,



LEFT has Russian grey contact. RIGHT is my natural colour.
LEFT has Russian grey contact. RIGHT is my natural colour.

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