YOUTUBE cherry has been popped! ❤️

Making the first step I think is always the hardest thing to do in any aspect. I have wrestled in my mind back and forth for over two years whether to start vlogging on YouTube. 

Two years wasted in my opinion. To be fair, I don’t think I was mentally ready for what might come (positive or negative) after starting something so public.  BUT, now I am ready to take the leap and jump into something new.

Honestly, I forgot what it felt like to be excited about something. I was feeling a little unmotivated after settling into Japan and Japanese life. Putting effort into something that is 100% your creation feels amazing.

I also forgot what it felt like to learn something that wasn’t connected to Japan or the Japanese language. I like making mistakes and learning from them because hell, how else are you to learn!? 

With all that being said, I have released my first YouTube video and have popped my YOUTUBE cherry. It is short and sweet introducing what to expect on the channel and what “Osharegirl” (オシャレガール) really means.

Here is the link to my new adventure in the social media world~ Come join along❤️


2 thoughts on “YOUTUBE cherry has been popped! ❤️

  1. You’re very brave, I’ve thought about vlogging but honestly I’ve a little afraid. This weekend I attended a blogger event and bloggers like Song of Style and Peace Love Shea kept repeating how important it is to broaden your blog with more social media platforms and how youtube was essential for your blog. So congrats for trying something new, I’ll make sure to check your channel! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m experimenting with different things. You’re lucky to be able to have access to events like that! Unfortunately we don’t have many things like that here in Japan.

      And please do check out my YouTube channel! ❤️


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