Spring Jacket : The Trench

classic trench coat

Spring seems to be the one season that everyone can enjoy, even if you suffer from hay-fever and have allergies. Yes, your sinuses are killing you but look at all the happy people coming out of their winter hibernation! And they aren’t just crawling out, they are running out with a BANG! Whipping out their brightest colours to counter-act all the neutrals they were probably wearing combined with heavy knits, jackets, scarfs, etc.

Spring is the season of the colours of the rainbow. I always find in the summer, people becomes more muted since they aren’t quite as excited about the warm weather. Winter does something to our minds, I swear. Needless to say, yes spring is warm but it still gets pretty chilly in the evening or on a day where the sun decides to hide behind the clouds. Which means, it is time to invest in a great spring jacket.

When it comes to spring jackets, the possibilities are endless. A bomber jacket, military jacket, heavy material kimono or blazer, or my particular favorite the trench coat. The trench coat is my holy grail for so many reasons. You can almost never go wrong DSC01701with a trench. With trench coats being popular this season more than the last couple of springs, your options are varied. I am willing to bet that almost every spring collection released, there are multiple styles of trench coats to choose from within that collection.

Here are some different styles and tips of this timeless piece of fashion:

  • No matter what colour you end of choosing in the end, it will always look good. A trench that is brown, tan, black, green, grey, blue, red, and so on will almost always look good. The important detail to think about it what colour of trench best fits your spring wardrobe. The trench can only look as good as what it is paired with. Be sure to choose one that suits your style the best to ensure you feeling comfortaDSC01644ble, confident, and chic.
  • Choose the length that is appropriate for you. Cropped or long, both are fine for most body heights. When I think of choosing an appropriate length for myself, I like to go back to the tip in my first point. What will match my spring wardrobe the best? I personally like a trench to hit me right above the knee. It is simple and classic. It is easy to pair that length of a trench coat with jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt without looking too casual by adding the trench coat. Or, if I wanted to wear a pair of leather leggings, or just regular leggings, I have the ability to conceal my rear which is something I like to do when wearing leggings. If I felt like wearing a dress, the dress should be able to be peeking out a tiny bit so it doesn’t look like I am naked under the jacket. Save that for the bedroom, hohohoho.
  • You are going to have to make a choice. I know choosing can be difficult but this season, many trench coats are being released without a fasten; no buttons, no nothing, zilch, nada. So the key question I think is, do you want something practical or something more edgy. If you choose a trench with a fasten or buttons, it is more practical for cold days/nights. If you choose a trench without anything to keep you inside, don’t fret! You can still either make a tie and google search a DIY or, use one of your favorite belts to help you stay warm inside.

Which style will you choose? Just be sure to choose something that you feel comfortable in. I am sure we have all made the mistake of jumping on a trend, buying it, and leaving the tag on it to forever rest in our closet. Remember, the trench coat can take your wardrobe a long way with its long sleek silhouette. If this isn’t enough to convince you, I forgot to mention, another perk of the spring trench is that you can also use it through the summer and transition it into the fall. A jacket suitable for 3 seasons. Now that’s a bang for your buck!!!!

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