How to: The Shirtdress


If you are not really a dress person but would like to venture out into that area, I have a great piece for you. As I have mentioned before in a previous post about spring trends, something that is making a strong comeback for spring/summer is the shirtdress.

The shirtdress is a great option for people who like to keep it tomboy chic. It is a great structured option for people who usually prefer pants but want to change up their look for a day. What qualifies as a shirtdress? Usually shirt dresses will have a collar, button down front, long length, and/or cuffed sleeves,

Ladies fashion seems to be taking a liking to looking like we borrowed our fathers or boyfriends clothes. The bf jean trend looks like we stole our bae`s favorite pair of denim while the shirt dress looks like we stole our fathers, brothers, or boyfriends favorite button down shirt. The shirtdress is a great staple piece as it can be worn for many different occasions like work or every day to being your savior for a last minute event or date. Like majority of staple must haves, the key to wearing a shirtdress for different occasions is all in the styling.

Here I compiled some different styles of shirtdresses and tips on how to werk them for the office, date, event, every day, or whatever you would like:

BOHEMIAN: If you are a fan of the 70`s look, then try a shirtdress with a brown braided belt around your hips and not your waist. Pair that with some sandals, sun-glasses, and a loose hanging bag for a more BOHO-chic look.11026277_10153107759859780_8828298882943337606_n

EDGY: For a fresh, simple, and edgy look, try looking for a shirtdress that has clean sharp lines with one colour and paired with ankle boots, matching purse or clutch. Keep the jewelry limited to perhaps stud earrings or a great leather strap watch.

ROMANTIC RENOSSANCE: If you would like a softer and flowy look, try and find a shirtdress that has a separation on the waist. The top it more structured with the collar and buttons, while at the waist it moves to a more loose and textured look. 10426228_10153107759899780_8983715123462205384_nMatch that with some soft pink lips, a dewy highlighter on the cheeks, and loose waves or Dutch braids.

TOMBOY: One of my personal favorites, the tomboy look is great for someone wanting to look sporty-chic. Take your structured shirtdress and match it with some sneakers, a back pack, sunglasses, and a leather strap watch.

10646858_10153107759524780_5507007858033478661_nLAYERING: Want to wear your shirtdress as something other than a one piece? Use on of spring 2015 trends like the apron on top for structure or culottes under the dress so they poke out. A great way to reinvent your shirt dress or wear it to the office.

LONG & LEAN: Maxi dresses are always a great way to stay cool while having your 11046942_10153107759704780_1578952493287710118_nlegs covered if you prefer not so show as much skin. If this is you, try and look for a shirt sleeved maxi shirtdress. The key is to synching in your waist. If the dress doesn’t come with a makeshift belt, use your own!

FEMININE: If heels and fancy lifestyle is your thing, try a shirtdress with a great pair of strappy heels or pumps. A great shoes, statement necklace, and clutch is a great way to have your shirt dress save you from a last minute event or date!

Like I said, if you are more of a pants kind of gal and don’t really enjoy wearing a dressy dress, you might enjoy a shirtdress. It has a more tomboy-ish feel, extremely versatile, timeless, and comfortable that if you try it, you might forget you`re wearing a dress! Here are some of my shirtdresses:

DSC01464 (2) DSC01245 (2)

Ta-ta for now,









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