🌸 cherry blossom specials in Japan!

Spring is well on its way in Japan and that means special flavored items are being released everywhere!!!!

I love that about Japan. Every season has special flavoured drinks, candy, potato chips, and just about anything else you can imagine!

Right now everything is being released with pink wrapping because hanami season is starting in March to the end of April!

Cherry blossoms bloom different times in Japan depending on where you are but here in Yokohama, the plum blossoms have started to bloom. Next will be the cherry blossoms as the weather gets warmer and warmer!

So far I have tried the Sakura flavoured mochi ice cream:

And today (March 2nd) I tried their new frappichino flavour that is caramel, white chocolate, and Sakura🌸 !

I am a sucker for junk food… Good thing it isn’t bikini season yet ~

Have you ever tried a flower flavoured drink? Not everyone likes it but if you’re in Japan living or visiting around this time to the end of April, I highly recommend you try it!

Ta-ta for now,




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