Spring 2015 Trend Report


Winter has come and gone once again and I can’t say I am sad to see it leave. Although, winter here in Yokohama is quite mild compared to Canada. I’ll take a winter in Japan any day over a winter in Canada. Spring has to be in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Japan. The dark pink plum blossoms are the first to bloom in Japan followed by the oh so famous cherry blossoms. Words cannot quite describe the feeling you can have when walking around here and being surrounded by the pink bliss of flowers everywhere. The colour of cherry blossoms, a pastel pink, is always on trend in spring here in Japan. There is just something about it that Japanese women tend to flock too. Spring is the season of the pink pastel-ish shorts with black tights layered underneath.

Some upcoming trends for SPRING 2015 here in Japan is of course, the pink pastel and floral’s, as well as some others that will be seen all over. Something that was popular last spring that is making another round this season is the all-white outfit. There is just something so fresh and clean about looking at someone pairing all white pieces but I am sure they will tell you… wearing all white can be nerve wrecking. Why? The littlest spill can sabotage everything…

A trend for this spring is the shirt dress. This season you should be able to find a shit dress that will match your body type and or your style. There are many to choose from like: the shapeless classic style, the drop waist style, and the reimagined shirtdress meant to be a little more daring by having high slits to show a little more skin. My personal favourite is the double high slits = double the skin!!

Another trend coming back is the boyfriend jean (see my last Sunday post!). Love this trend. I like the principle behind a boyfriend jean. As a woman, we can choose to wear whatever we want to wear and not have to be in skin tight clothing all the time. A good boyfriend jean is not only comfortable, but stylish and flattering when you find the perfect cut for your shape.

Some other colours that were seen on the catwalk and popping up in stores are hues of yellow, hues of blue, and hues of green. Many people never second guess a good blue or green but many people will turn down a yellow garment because they fell yellow is just not for them. The key to wearing yellow is all about finding the right hue for you. There should be many colours to choose from light, dark, neon, golden. Find your shade!

The 90s grunge scene has had a huge impact on the fashion industry from ripped jeans, acid wash jeans, flannel shirts, wrapping around the waist etc. but this spring, out with the 90s and in with the 70s. The 70s fashion is coming around again in 2015. One piece of clothing that I forgot how much I love is the flare jean. I never really thought about it before when I was a child but it has an extremely flattering shape.

Now, one of the newer trends appearing this season that hasn’t been around in a while is the one shoulder shirt or dress. This type of cut is great for both day and night-time. It is a great way to show a little bit of skin without going too overboard. There is nothing more flirty and provocative then showing a little shoulder and not have to worry about over-doing it with the skin. Disclaimer, one shoulder dresses can be a little tricky to style. My advice? TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. I know some of you out there don’t like to try on clothing which is fine but please, if you are going to take the plunge and spend some green on a one shoulder dress or top… please try it on because by the time out get home, you might be disappointed with the fit. Especially if you have a larger size chest. Some other tips are: wear it in a solid colour, don’t cover up, and keep the accessories simple. A solid pattern will make you feel more comfortable if you aren’t used to showing too much skin. If you wear a one shouldered dress and you’re not used to showing that part of your body plus a bold print, you might be too uncomfortable to ever pink up that dress again. Secondly, the point of wearing a one shoulder dress is to show your shoulder. Don’t cover up your beautiful body. You spend money on this dress not because of the colour or pattern because it is easily found in other styles. The point of spending money on this is to show off your sexy shoulder. Be brave! And lastly, the neckline of this type of dress is beautiful and unusual. Therefore, don’t wear a necklace. Keep it simple. A pair of earrings for a dressier feel or a nice watch for a more casual feel.

 1959451_10153091054269780_3670968775714040356_n 13053_10153091054184780_5082678858453121576_n

Let me know of some other trends and which ones you are looking forward too.

Ta-ta for now,









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