How To: Stopping your Slippery Stockings

I remember growing up thinking it was a big fashion faux pas wearing socks and sandals. I also thought wearing a flat shoe with a low top and seeing the sock was strange. Wearing socks was never really a huge priority back home in Canada unless it was winter because then, your feet would freeze…

Upon moving to Japan, I started to feel out of place and weird not wearing socks. Why? Because Japanese people literally wear socks with everything. Any design you can think of, they most likely have it and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pioneered that design. I would feel so out of place and shy when changing my outside shoes to indoor shoes at school, switching my shoes to bathroom shoes, or eating in a public restaurant and having to remove my shoes. I felt eyes on my and didn’t like it. Two years later, I wear socks everywhere.

Tokyo is one of the fashion capitals of the world and I started to notice a trend here last year of wearing socks with sandals, socks with boyish style shoes, with flats, with high-heels, with sneakers, tucked inside a rolled up jean, or bunched up outside the pant under a boot. Needless to say, I wanted to join.

I tried my best to match my socks to other pieces, tried to find special designs socks, wool socks, shoes to match the socks, everything. BUT, I had one major issue…. The socks would always slide down and NEVER stay up. I couldn’t understand why I seen so many people walking around normally without re-adjusting their socks. I was stumped.

The one day, my Japanese friend let me in on a secret, sock glue. I remember thinking: WHAT!? Glue… for your socks!? Does it actually work!? Doesn’t it hurt taking off the socks!?   Needless to say, I tried it and… it is amazing. My new holy grail and has been my life saver throughout the fall and the winter.

Sock glue is relatively cheap and easy to apply. It is a little smelly when you first apply it, but it dries without a scent. My sock glue is from amazon Japan and it is in a roll on applicator. You simply put on your sock, roll down the tab, slide the roller of glue around where the sock was, and pull your sock up as it was before. Done. Your sock WILL NOT move ALL day. When you are ready to take off, just peel it off of your skin. Not to worry also, there won`t be any leftover glue too.

If you enjoy wearing socks to stay warm for comfort or for fashion and hate re-adjusting them, I highly recommend you invest in some inexpensive sock glue. It will give you some piece of mind.

11025759_10153082447554780_3381281422661550684_n 11026161_10153082447434780_2529964273051685449_n

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