How to: Boyfriend Jeans


The whole concept behind a boyfriend jean is that you “stole” your boyfriend’s pants because yours were all dirty. Maybe at one point in time, this actually happened and this was how the loose fitting jean found its name: “boyfriend jean”. In actuality, I have no idea. All that matters to me is: 1.) I love to wear roomy denim and 2.) I love to wear roomy denim. Have I mentioned, I love to wear roomy denim?

If you are worried about maintaining your figure within these loose fitting jeans or trying to maintain a shabby-chic look, no need to search further. Everything you need to know about boyfriend denim can be found here!


10 tips on how to WERK your bf jeans!!

  1. Yes, boyfriend jeans are meant to be loose fitting and roomy on your legs but NOT on your waist. When shopping around, choose the pair that best fits your waist like you would most other jeans.
  2. Try to stay with a straight leg denim pant because it is much easier to style.
  3. Boyfriend jeans are meant to look WORN-IN like you actually stole your man`s favorite pants that he literally wears EVERYDAY. Be aware though, the more holes and tears your jeans have, the sloppier you will appear.
  4. Wear a ladies top whether loose, slouchy, cropped, tailored, or frilly. Just wear something that fits your top half since your bottom half is loose.
  5. Please roll up the end of your bf jeans and show a little ankle skin. This flirty statement also gives a nice slim tapered finish to your loose denim. Finish off with a pair of pumps, strappy heels, or pointy flats to elongate your legs.
  6. Don’t be afraid to play with coloured boyfriend jeans for a more feminine touch.
  7. Don’t be afraid of a graphic sweater or slouchy shirt tucked into a chunky belt.
  8. Remember, the darker the denim the more sophisticated you will look. The lighter the denim, the more casual you will look. (dark jeans, structured jacket and bag, tailored shirt, pumps = shabby chic…. Light coloured jeans, slouchy tee, belt, strappy heel/ flat, sunglasses = casual chic)
  9. Tie a flannel long-sleeved shirt around your waist for a more 90`s feel. Perfect for a chilly night, you can just throw on the layer!
  10. Bomber jacket + bf jeans + strappy heel/pump = perfection)

Confidence is everything! Always walk around like you are wearing an invisible crown <3. Here are some of my go to boyfriend jeans look:

DSC00900 (2) DSC01003 (2) DSC00825 (2) DSC01048 (2) DSC00850 (3) DSC00799 (2)

Ta-ta for now,




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