Spring How To: The Bomber Jacket

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With spring 2015 just around the corner, a great piece of clothing to invest in this spring is a bomber jacket. The sporty chic trend from last spring is still going strong for this upcoming season. These jackets are a great way to keep warm while the weather tries to make up its mind on whether it is going to be winter or spring. This transitional coat is conventional and stylish. There are a few ways to wear this trend, one only has to pin it on Pinterest and be opened up to a pool full of bomber outfits. Whether you want to dress down or dress up, here are a few of my favorite bomber ideas:


1. A little SILK and shine? If you are looking for a more sophisticated sportswear look, then the silk bomber is the jacket for you. A silk bomber allows for a dressed up slouchy feel and is great to wear in the warmer months of spring since it is a more light weight material. You can also wear it under something a bit heavier if you’re looking to wear it in the colder spring months without looking too chunky.

2. Want the ORIGINAL? Look for a leather bomber jacket since it is most likely the closest form to the original. Leather can create a cool effortless chic look without having to try too hard. Easy to dress up and easy to dress down, the leather bomber is the perfect choice if you`re go to is jeans, t-shirt, and sunglasses. Effortless casual chic.

3. SPORTY spice? Stick to a sport structured styled bomber and pair it with a slouchy bottom and heels. This is the go to bomber style most fashionista`s last spring season as well as this season. It gives off a sport lux vibe without trying too hard.

4. Fortune favours the BOLD. Love to wear print? There is still a bomber jacket for you statement lovers out there. A bold print bomber is a great way to take a casual outfit and look more put together and dressy just by adding a jacket.

These 4 styles of bomber jackets can be dressed as feminine or as masculine as you want. Slouchy or chic, there is a bomber jacket waiting on a hanger somewhere for you. Which jacket has your name on it already, I wonder? This is the jacket that was screaming my name and I knew I had to have it:

DSC00780 (3)DSC00790 (3)


 GU Jacket for 1990円 (20$)

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