Black: my happy colour

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Why do I love to wear the colour black? First of all, you cannot really go wrong with an all-black sleek cool look. The colour just about matches everything, it is a great staple for any wardrobe no matter what the piece, and it also has the magical ability to make everyone look amazing. They don’t say black is a slimming colour for no reason!!  Let’s break down some of the rules so that you can look fabulous in your all black outfit instead of going to a funeral.


Rule 1:

Changing your textures. It is good to play with different textures while wearing the same dark hue so you won’t get lost in your clothing. Changing the texture/fabric or the print is a good way to also appear effortlessly chic. What is a great piece to invest in that you can always reuse every fall or winter season? Why of course leather/pleather! A leather jacket, leather sleeves on your shirt, a leather shirt, or a pair of leather pants/leggings is a great staple for you all black lovers like me. Even better to stay warm in the cold winter months is to invest in a faux fur piece. I love a leather pants, faux fur vest combination.

Rule 2:

Add something to your look that might be bright or eye catching like a belt, vest, shoes, purse, or necklace. Wearing a statement necklace is nice with an all-black outfit because the eye is automatically drawn to the source of colour that may be different. Another tip if accessories are not really your thing is to wear a lipstick with colour instead of natural or nude. The ability to go from day to night within 10 seconds is possible by smearing a bold lipstick all over your lips.

Rule 3:

Be aware that if you choose to buy a lot of clothing with cotton being the number one fibre in the material, your black is more likely to fade compared to other fibres. If this possibly worries you, stick to buying a piece that isn’t 100% cotton. Why not try something that still has cotton (for comfort) and a smidgen of lycra? The synthetic fibre tends to hold the colour for a longer period of time and you can still get that all around comfortable feel that you do with 100% cotton.  Also, if you can find a mercerized cotton, you are in for an even better treat. This type of fabric is treated specifically to shrink fibres and hold the colour for longer, mildew resistant, and stronger than regular cotton.

There you have it, the reasons who I love to wear black, black, and more black and my own little addiction to how I style it.

Ta-Ta for now



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