How to: Boyfriend Jeans

The whole concept behind a boyfriend jean is that you “stole” your boyfriend’s pants because yours were all dirty. Maybe at one point in time, this actually happened and this was how the loose fitting jean found its name: “boyfriend jean”. In actuality, I have no idea. All that matters to me is: 1.) I […]

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

Can you feel it? That ever so sweet twinge in the air that starts in the beginning of February every year and abruptly ends after February 15th. Have you guessed yet as to what I was referring too? You got it, VALENTINES DAY. Every year, thousands of people begin to scan their brains for ideas […]

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Black: my happy colour

  Why do I love to wear the colour black? First of all, you cannot really go wrong with an all-black sleek cool look. The colour just about matches everything, it is a great staple for any wardrobe no matter what the piece, and it also has the magical ability to make everyone look amazing. […]

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